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Octavian Station in Antenor Bastion

An Octavian station found in the Antenor Bastion sector

General Description

The Antenor Bastion sector is found within Octavian space, and hosts at least one Octavian station, which is located near a small cluster of asteroids.

Sector Information

Sector Designation: Antenor Bastion

National Authority: Octavius

Gatenet Region: Octavius Bastion area

Gatenet Referent: 1 jump from Octavius Core

A key sector for Octavius, Antenor Bastion holds the remarkable triple planet Tellus, a rosette of three bodies orbiting a common center of gravity lit by actinic blue-violet light from its distant primary, a hot blue giant star with extensive asteroid debris in its inner system. The astonishing arrangement of Tellus is presumed to be planetary engineering dating from the Amananth civilization, though no surface expeditions have publicly reported any artifact discoveries. Two of the worlds, Tellus Prime and Secundus, are cratered rocky bodies with an unimpressive mixture of common and valuable mineral deposits, but Tellus Tertius is another matter entirely. Often called the “Jewel of Octavius” for its agricultural potential, colonial efforts on Tellus Tertius promise to put an end at last to the history of food shortages that have plagued the Nation since before the Shift.

The fortified Great Pillars station is in distant orbit of the triplet, near the sector’s jump nexus. The station supports colonial and mining activities and serves as orbital harbor. A small number of asteroids are present in the sector, but mostly possess only low-grade ores. Unfortunately, the asteroids also harbor some elements of the rebellious Nova Wolves mercenaries who settled here during their service to Octavius. The Imperial Navy has initiated regular patrols of Antenor Bastion and expects to stamp out the incursion shortly, so the sector remains a green travel zone despite the possible risks. As Antenor Bastion falls within the central territories of Octavius, travelers should be aware that the gates to Tolomea Fields sector and Octavius Core have been fortified with defensive shells.