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Unlike most games where players design a 3D avatar to represent their physical form, in Jumpgate, a players identity is formed by their choice of ship and actions within the game.

  • A ship can be customized with a diverse combination of equipment and skins based on player faction and nation ratings.
    • New skins can be earned through accomplishments (medals, for old JGC players).
    • Ideally, few ships will ever be geared the same.
    • Most differences, beyond skins, are under the hood.
  • You will not be able to get out of your ship. In all likelihood, you would not ever want to either.
    • In Jumpgate Classic lore, pilots had to be genetically modified to handle Jumpgate travel. As a price of the modification, they were no longer able to leave their ship's environment. [citation needed]

“Jumpgate Evolution does take place in space. While we do have space stations, there aren’t any walking avatars for this game. We’re working with the concept that you are the pilot, flying your ship in space and interacting with the other [non-player characters] and players within the surrounding areas.”
-- Nicole "Awen" Hamlett