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This page is outdated because it has not been updated since the media blackout ended.

Battle Station


Solrain ship approaching a battlestation.

  • Battle stations will be a type of PvE mission or raid boss.
    • At lower levels, a wing of fighters can take on a battle station
    • At higher levels, as a "Raid boss", Battlestations will require an entire squad
  • Battlestations are multi-stage fights with layered defenses
    • Fighters and bombers are used in combination to take out a battle station
      • Bombers act as 'nukes', delivering a heavy destructive payload
      • Fighters must protect the bombers from waves of enemy ships sent to take them out
    • At early levels, weak points will be automatically targeted
    • At higher levels, players must manually target weak points

Noteworthy Quotes

  • "You send the bomber at the capital ship, then you want the light fighters to protect the bomber. That’s the kind of experience we want to create."
    -- Hermann Peterscheck
  • "I expect that higher end combat will be a mix of massive numbers of ships, capital ships with massive firepower and large battlestations. It works in movies and it works in games."
    -- Hermann Peterscheck
  • "One lower-level raid we are shown sees players swooping in and around a heavily armed space station – but higher-level players will have their ability to automatically target its weak points disabled."
    -- Edge Online


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