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Cainin Point Gate

A heavily protected gate in 'Cainin Point'

General Description

Icy Planet in Cainan Point

The icy planet Rea cast behind a heavily defended Jumpgate

Sector Information

Sector Designation: Cainan Point

National Authority: Octavius

Gatenet Region: Octavius Bastion area

Gatenet Referent: 1 jump from Octavius Core

Resting within the Bastion and adjacent to Octavius Core, Cainan Point sector holds an Imperial military base and way station, Maximian’s Wall. This fortified way station is in distant orbit around Rea, a cold and inhospitable world with a thick hydrocarbon atmosphere and a thin belt of orbiting debris. For decades, a surface mining outpost on Rea has been a source of water for Octavian’s thirsty millions on nearby Ares Prime.

Asteroids in the sector have been extensively mined, but a low-grade Ravager incursion from the Edge has gradually infested the rocks over the past decade or so of neglect. The Imperial Senate has chosen to no longer tolerate this situation so near to Octavius Core and Maximian’s Wall is being refurbished and re-supplied as a base from which to eliminate the pirate scourge and bring the sector more firmly under Octavius control. The sector is also host to the Panoptes Link, a massive sensor array satellite formerly used by Imperial scientists, now in need of refurbishment. Due to Octavius’ preparations to expunge the Ravagers, Cainan Point sector is under consideration for rating as an amber travel zone until hostilities are concluded.

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