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Camera Control

  • Jumpgate Evolution may be played in First-Person (cockpit view)[1] or Third-Person (chase camera).
  • The chase camera was redesigned "four or five times" from scratch before it was right.
  • Testers sensitive to motion sickness report that the camera movement works so well that they feel no ill effects while playing.
  • Hermann Peterscheck has mentioned the camera movement operates on a "spring system".

On Third-Person View:

"The camera is a little loose, but not so loose that you get confused when you're moving around. Also, your ship isn't glued to the center of the screen and the camera isn't glued onto the ship so there's a little bit of wiggle when you move around and it feels really natural."
-- Massively

"We tried all kinds of stuff. Like we had the fixed camera, that was the first step and it was terrible. Then we moved the camera a little bit and it was weird. So the programmer re-did the control scheme probably four of five times from scratch and he ended up with a spring system. If you imagine springs on the edges of the screen, you can kind of see what I'm saying. You can see it kind of pulling and all we have to do is tune the springs and that's how we get tightness and looseness, but that was the result of many, many iterations."
-- Hermann Peterscheck


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