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Flight mechanics Edit

This section covers all information related to the flight mechanics of Jumpgate Evolution.

Feel of flight Edit

Note worthy quotes and information from people who have played Jumpgate Evolution and have commented on how the game feels when piloting your craft in space. More information

Flight model Edit

Jumpgate Evolution (JGE) uses a semi-Newtonian model to simulate space flight. Translational motion of a ship obeys Newton's Three Laws of Motion. Ship dynamics are govern by a Thrust Force and a Drag Force. Angular momentum is not modeled. A stationary ship rotates at the same rate no matter the equipment load-out or cargo. More information

Flight controls Edit

Flight Controls are the in-game controls that allows a pilot to change ship motion. Flight Controls map to Game Controllers. Jumpgate Evolution flight controls includes:

  • pitch, roll, and yaw rotational control
  • throttle control of thrust
  • lateral control of thrust (up/down, left/right)
  • dampeners
  • boosters.

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