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The Purpose of Missions Edit

Missions range from simple tasks such as item transportation and sector patrol missions that are designed to be done alone, to more complex assignments designed specifically for larger groups of players such as taking down enemy bases of operation and will allow players to accomplish these missions with however many players as they wish. The soft grouping mechanic is designed to assist players who prefer not to be grouped up at all.

  • The mission system is designed to react not only to what you do as a player but to what players do as a whole.[1]
  • Missions are just one of many activities you can choose to do as a player.[1]
  • Each mission is a chain and has both a clear beginning and a satisfying ending.[1]
    • "We believe we are working with one of the best story writers in Keith Baker. He is helping to develop an incredibly rich backdrop to the universe in which we will all play."[1]
    • "The idea of what we are doing is less of "play through this story we have already developed" and more of "make your own story"[1]

Types of Missions Edit

Station Attack Edit

Station attack missions will allow players to go up against heavily armed battle stations that are defended not just by AI controlled turrets, but also by fighter craft.

The destruction of a station is no simple task, with pilots having to bring down the station in various stages such as the shield generator and turrets, in order to get access to the station's central core to cause an explosive detonation.[citation needed]

Transportation Edit

Goods purchased on an auction house must either be picked up or hauled to a location specified by the owner. Players are able to hire one another to move goods more quickly throughout the Jumpgate universe.

Sources Edit

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