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The Octavian Empire Edit

This page will include all information related to the Octavian Empire as a whole such as

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  • Any other information relating to the overall entity of the Octavian Empire.

Background Edit

Founded by soldiers and preserved by military discipline and devotion to the art of war, the Octavian Empire is an army as much it is a nation. Children are born into legions and raised to do battle among the stars. Fighter pilot, merchant, and engineer are all driven by the desire to restore their ancient empire to its former glory, dreaming of a day when the Octavian banner flies across known space. More Background

Culture / Society Edit

Once, Octavius ruled a thousand worlds, and not for a moment is that forgotten by anyone with Octavian blood. Brought low many times before by ancient disasters or internal strife, Octavius has always survived to rise again. Though the Shift scattered the once-mighty Imperial forces and ripped the Nation’s very heart away from stars humanity knew, the stoic traditionalists of Octavius regard this merely as a stark turn of Fortune’s wheel, a challenge to be met with resolution and courage.

Famine, struggle, and desperation have characterized this most recent Dark Age. Enemies old and new seemed to assail the remnants of Octavius on all sides, and only through careful management and resilient defense have the Senate and the Navy once again preserved their people. As in ancient times of threat, the Imperial military organized the people. All resources were marshaled for survival. Farmers and grocers became quartermasters, clerks became military staff, scientists were placed in Research and Development divisions, and laborers fell under the auspices of the Imperial Corps of Engineers. For everyone there has always been a place of honor within Octavius, and no task too mean to be performed with pride.

Internal contention is not unknown, of course. The seat of Emperor has lain vacant since the Shift. Authority now lies with the Senate. Generals and prelates, as ever, strive amongst themselves for influence and prestige, hoping one day to be acclaimed worthy of that highest seat. Every family seeks to improve their station. Honor above all is the unspoken code, yet even bloody deeds may be forgiven by superiors if the victor can honorably prove that the good of the Nation was in some way preserved. Even Senators, trusted to direct consuls, prefects, and generals alike, quarrel over policy and engage in bitter political intrigue. Politically, two factions dominate. Phoenix Rising advocates the traditional policy of conquest, reunion of all humanity under the Octavian banner, for the sake of mutual survival. Briefly discredited in decades past, and most certainly impractical in times of scarcity, the voice of this faction has been growing gradually louder. The opposite side of the same coin, Aegis promotes the venerable creed of peace through strength. Seeing Octavians as leaders of humanity rather than conquerors, Aegis promotes a shining future of cooperation with other Nations, while defending the civilized Bastion against any threat.

The Bastion is indeed threatened. Ravager pirates and mercenary Nova Wolves gather close, seeking to wrest from Octavius that which it needs to survive. Whether opportunity or further threat lies beyond is merely a matter of perspective. But not without reason is the phoenix, the firebird reborn, the symbol and crest of Octavius. Now, after a century among these new stars, the stalwart Octavians have at last looked about themselves and found that, once again, they are strong.


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