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The economy in Jumpgate Evolution is focused around being driven by the player population. Compared to other MMOs where items are typically handed out with the use of NPC vendors, JGE's economy will instead put the power into the hands of the players, with the responsibility (and the untold fortunes) of making sure that the regular day-to-day goods that allow production to flow and ships to be kept well maintained are kept at reasonable levels.

This is done through an auction house system, where players can post their goods up at a price of their own choosing onto the galactic market. This kind of system not only allows pilots to purchase goods from the other side of the game universe just by interacting with the market, but also allows for price fluctuations to occur quickly whenever certain goods become overabundant or superseded by newer technology. This allows the economy to have a dynamic and lively presence within the game, as cargo runners will not only have to calculate the profitable runs before they depart, but also predict market trends to ensure their cargo won't drop in value before arriving at the destination.


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