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The Quantar Paths Edit

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Background Edit

Outsiders often scoff at Quantar mysticism, but faith has sustained the Quantar people through many trials. In the wake of the The Shift and corruption in the world gone before, the Quantar have splintered; there are over a dozen Quantar paths, each with a different view of the universal truth. More Background

Culture / Society Edit

Long ago, Quantar's priesthood was its salvation, preserving through the great vehicle of religion all of this ancient civilization's culture, its history, and its science. The Shift a century ago shattered what had been a burgeoning golden age of knowledge, and along with it, the political unity of Quantar. Before the Shift, Quantar had been a coherent nation-state, bound by religion, culture, and a growing technocracy. After the Shift, the remnants of this proud nation were scattered among strange stars, and every surviving clan and tribe had a different interpretation of the profound meaning of what had happened to them. Quantar split into the Paths.

Quantar no longer possesses a central government. Each of the Paths exists somewhat like a separate and independent tribe. However, many philosophies still bind the Quantar culturally, and the people of the Paths manage somehow to cooperate successfully, congregating in space habitats, living, trading, and as their neighbors have learned, defending their territory with the accustomed pre-Shift zeal. Some of the various ideas the surviving Paths hold in common include a reverence for the universe around them, an ethic of mutual harmony and cooperation, a sense of the Skein as nearly an entity unto itself, and a prophecy of a coming Storm that threatens all humanity.

In many ways, Quantar is an enigma to the other nations. Dismissed as superstitious or even ignorant by those who see only a facade of cultural mannerisms, the Quantar often astonish unsuspecting visitors with their sophistication. Quantar technology is every bit as advanced as that of Solrain or Octavius, and though their society seems to have slipped backwards toward tribalism, its adaptive fluidity may actually be more mature than the societies of their brethren. The Quantar are walkers of many paths: the philosopher, the zealot, the peacemaker, the warrior, the scientist, and the evangelist each has his place, both within the society and even within the heart and mind of each individual.

Before the Shift, the Quantar followed an ethic suggesting that habitable planets were like gardens to be tended, but despite a clear tendency toward spaceborne industry and asteroid mining, they used planets as did any other nation. With the loss of their homeworld and pre-Shift colonies, the Quantar have chosen not to exploit worlds they do not consider theirs. The Quantar survivors of the Shift felt there was actually less security to be had on the surface of a new world, and preferred the flexibility and potential mobility of space construction and asteroid habitats. Ambrosius, a Quantar philosopher of the decade immediately following the Shift, asked "Why tie ourselves to worlds, when even them the Storm can shatter, and tear us away? Our homes are now temporary things that we have built for ourselves in the sky. We must aspire to a new sort of existence, and be ever adaptable. My Brother is the Stone. Within the Asteroids can be found all that we need for life." Even now, all Quantar live in deep space habitat complexes, using planets only as gravitational anchors. Many Paths are represented in each complex, though the two largest Paths have each claimed one of the three major complexes as their home and taken primary responsibility for local operations.

Despite the meditative and harmonious aspects to Quantar society, there is a clearly militant undercurrent to many of the Paths. This martial spirit has served Quantar well in defense, with the major Path called Void Storm teaching the arts of war as vital in preparation for the nation's future trials. Militancy has also caused incidents of civil strife. At least one Path has left the fold of Quantar society when its aggressiveness overcame the principles of harmony. History may be repeating itself even now with the isolation and rebellion of the ultraconservative Hamalzah'din Path.


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