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  • Missles will typically be available as packs of small Anti-ship missles. Though larger singular weapons that pack more of a punch against larger targets will be included for use against targets such as stations and capital ships.
  • 'Morning star' type missles may also make a appearance in the game, these missles are infact multiple missles made into one singular pod and when launched breaks into individual missles all trained onto the target. [1]
  • Rather then buying individual missles themselves, currently it is more accurate to say you buy a missle launcher for a specific type of missle that you then install into your ship.
  • Missles in their current pre-beta state, typically fuction much like regular gun ammunition, where the launcher is reloaded with more missles during the Reload&Refuel process when docked, thus meaning that missles currently are not your typical consumable in regards to economy production.


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