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The Solrain Commonwealth

This page will include all information related to the Solrain commonwealth as a whole such as

  • Backstory
  • Politics
  • Key members
  • Sub-factions
  • Ship Designs
  • Any other information relating to the overall entity of the Solrain nation.


Once a benevolent mercantile state, the Solrain Commonwealth has been corrupted by greed and the thirst for power. Corporate powers rebuilt Solrain society after the devastating Shift, and today it's difficult to tell the difference between the corporations that maintain the global infrastructure and the criminal organizations that lie just below the surface. Major syndicates such as the mercenary Combine and the bloated Zelcane Trust now control trade and compete for domination of the Commonwealth Council, where executives rule alongside mere elected officials, and often hold far more power. More Background

Culture / Society

The once benevolent Solrain Nation has, in the years since the Shift, become corrupted by greed and the thirst for power. During the struggle for vital resources in the anarchic post-Shift years, major corporations and criminal cartels merged into powerful monopolies. The Commonwealth Council still governs, but it is now almost entirely controlled by mega corporate Syndicates, such as Zelcane, AgCore, and the Combine, whose criminal roots are regularly exposed by their harsh business practices and extreme ruthlessness.

Within Solrain space, nearly all opportunity for productive work originates with the Syndicates. Most citizens work for the Syndicate corporations or for one of their many subsidiaries. The Solrain business culture now fosters a stark divide between these powerful mega-corporations, sources of all wealth and security, and the vastly weaker contractor companies and individual free agents that compete bitterly to feed off Syndicate largesse. Even the Solrain military itself is largely supported by the Syndicates, with mercenary companies, paramilitary corporations, and contracted freebooters making up the bulk of available forces. The once-proud Commonwealth Navy survives only as a small kernel of professional soldiers, supported by government defense appropriations.

Though self-promotion and opportunism still thrive among ambitious corporate climbers, Syndicate regulations and corporate controls have largely suppressed the individualism and bold entrepreneurship for which Solrain was famous. Solrain now risks becoming a nation of corporate drones. Only on the frontiers in space are innovation and individual freedoms still considered commonplace; Solrain expatriates are common on the Edge, mining, operating waystations, founding small businesses, and plying the spacelanes as independent traders or smugglers in the old Solrain tradition.

The one organization working to change the status quo is the Commonwealth Restoration Organization, better known as the Crows. Nearly forced into the role of a secret society by the Syndicates, these traders, pilots, smugglers and operatives are most active on the Edge, reminding their fellow citizens of the past swashbuckling virtues of Solrain society – bold initiative and business acumen, but also independence, compassion, and honor.


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