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Solrain Space Edit

Space under Solrain authority is compromised of five sectors spanning the Core Regions and the Zelcane Triangle. The Core Regions incorporate Bleakstone Fields and Solrain Core, which before a recent incursion on Bleakstone Fields were largely considered the safest travel zones within Solrain Space.

The dominant sector in the Core Regions is Solrain Core, the central hub for travel, trade and Solrain jurisdiction. With the Solrain Core Space Complex in close proximity to the sectors widely used Jumpgates, it’s an ideal stop for pilots, civilians and military personnel alike. Bleakstone Fields, once a peaceful sector within Solrain Space has recently become a frequent combat zone for hostilities, rousing concern for the habitants of Solrain with incursions emerging so close to home.

Solrain Sectors Edit

Solrain Core Edit

The lightly developed world of New Soria in Solrain Core sector is the capital and main population center of the Solrain Commonwealth. Lit by a warm yellow sun, the planet is nearly perfect for human habitation.More information

Inferno Edit

The sector currently dubbed "The Inferno" is not properly under Commonwealth authority, having only recently been connected to Hell's Gate sector via a rogue Jumpgate. Contact with the sector has been solely through military and paramilitary operation. More information

Solrain Stations Edit

Solrain Core Station Edit

The massive commercial complex of Solrain Core Station orbits New Soria, and is the dominant visible feature of the sector besides the planet itself. More information Bold text


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