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A wide variety of single-pilot combat and utility ships ply the spacelanes of our jumpgate network. All ships may be described as either combat or commercial vessels. However, there is considerable variance in ship design based on intended role, and by the specific nation, faction, or corporation that produces and uses the ship. For example, the Slipstream is a Solrain combat ship classified as a patrol fighter and produced by an industrial division of the Zelcane Trust. Its characteristics differ from other patrol fighters that belong to the Octavian Imperial Navy or that are produced by a Quantar corporation. Even individual Slipstream-class ships may be customized by the pilot’s choice of loadout and other modifications, either emphasizing a strength of the class, or mitigating a weakness. The options available to pilots for customization of any particular ship vary by the specific ship class.

The first ship any rookie pilot gains experience with is a trainer of some sort. These spacecraft are usually classed as "shuttle trainers", but within the Octavian Empire it is conventional to refer to their training ships as "patrol trainers". Universally, trainers are inexpensive light-duty utility ships meant for use by inexperienced pilots. They tend to possess outstanding handling characteristics and can mount light weaponry, but are only capable of mounting minimal extra equipment.

Spacecraft Facts Edit

  • You buy your first ship at Rank 5, which is about an hour of gameplay[1]
  • Haulers are about ten times the size of a fighter.[1]
  • There will be no multi-person ships available on release. Developers have stated they have no plans so far to include them into Jumpgate.
  • There will be at least 20-30 ships for each nation, with more expected.
"we have about 20-30 ships for each nation that are in various states of balancing. I think we’re going to have a lot more than that though. Here’s the thing that happens: we have tons of AI ships now. Every time we put an AI ship in the game, people go “I want to fly that!” It’s really an interesting thing. When people see something different, they want to fly it." " [2]

Spacecraft Skins Edit


A "wild cherry red" Solrain

  • There will be a great amount of skins available through the pursuit of achievements/medals.
    • You will not be able to pick ship colors like you would paint for your car or house.
    • Depending on your faction status, you will have access to ships that have different skins.
    • You do not re-skin your current ship, you craft a new ship with a different skin applied to it.[3]

"Something that is really cool in the game is the faction reward system that the team is currently implementing. Based on your faction standing, you may have access to different skinned ships as well as equipment.
-- Nicole "Awen" Hamlett

  • Known Skins:
    • Corporate
      • Zelcane Trust
    • Faction
    • Achievements

"It is amazing to see what our artists keep coming up with. They just continue to keep getting better with every pass and iteration of the game. Our NPC ships have come out looking really wicked. Every time we see something new on one of their desktops, we all immediately want to fly it. It's very exciting from this end to see the content coming together so nicely."[4]
-- Nicole "Awen" Hamlett

Spacecraft Customization Edit

Very few ships in JGE will have exactly the same loadout. Equipment for customizing your vessel is available from any station but the best is manufactured by the players.

Ship hangars Edit

Players will be able to own more then one ship at any time, though the exact number allowed and other limitations are still undecided at the moment and open to change in the future.

  • Players can own multiple types of ship.[5]
  • In the current build players can own at least all of the ships belonging to their faction.[5]

"Whether your hangar space is restricted at all to make you have to actually choose which ships to own is still undecided, as there are a few different routes which can be taken on this - such as unlock able hangar slots for instance."[5]
-- Callum "Liquilla" Rowley

Unanswered Questions Edit

  • Can a player set up a ship and then sell it, fully loaded out?
  • How are death & equipment loss handled in Jumpgate: Evolution vs Jumpagate: Classic?
  • How much cross-factional equipment sale is possible?

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