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Octavian Sub-Factions

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising advocates the traditional policy of conquest, reunion of all humanity under the Octavian banner, for the sake of mutual survival. Briefly discredited in decades past, and most certainly impractical in times of scarcity, the voice of this faction has been growing gradually louder.


Aegis promotes the venerable creed of peace through strength. Seeing Octavians as leaders of humanity rather than conquerors, Aegis promotes a shining future of cooperation with other Nations, while defending the civilized Bastion against any threat.

Quantar Sub-Factions



Void Storm

Solrain Sub-Factions

Taken from an interview with Keith Baker.

The Combine

"The Combine is a ruthless syndicate whose agents will focus on combat missions..."

The Zelcane Trust

"The Zelcane Trust is a mercantile power that will primarily distribute and reward noncombat missions..."

  • As one type of faction reward, the Zelcane Trust distributes "cherry red" ship skins.[1]
    -- Nicole "Awen" Hamlett

The Crows

"The Crows are a combination of idealistic rebels and independent smugglers who fall between the two – engaging in free trade and fighting both the corruption within the Commonwealth and the outside forces that threaten it." Their name derives from "Commonwealth Restoration Organization."


  1. Nicole "Awen" Hamlett - Codemasters Forums


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