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Zelcane Triangle Edit

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The Zelcane Triangle is a three-sector area of the Skein directly adjacent to Solrain Core, under the political administration of Solrain. Most of the major corporate syndicates operating within the Nation have a presence in the Zelcane Triangle, most notable and prevalent being the huge Zelcane Trust, which lends its name to the region and retains operational and administrative control in two of the three sectors.

The principal sector of the region is The Mechinar, despite its relatively low population and lack of a habitable world. The Mechinar is the site of extensive deep-space industrial facilities and is among the oldest sectors in the Solrain portion of the TRI GateNet, directly adjacent to Solrain Core. Baker’s Field has become the regional center of mining activity, owing to its rich and extensive asteroid field. Mechinar Centre and Outpost Baker are the major stations and port facilities in these two sectors.

The third sector of the Triangle was formerly called Eden, being the location of a Solrain colony world bearing the same name. The colony is still undergoing extensive terraforming but possesses prime characteristics for settlement and future agriculture. This tremendous project has been interrupted by an invasion of the sector by ravaging marauders belonging to The Inferno, resulting in the sector’s name recently being changed to Hell’s Gate. Action by Solrain military and Combine mercenary forces have thus far protected the surface colony from bombardment, but the huge investment by Zelcane in orbital complexes supporting the colony has been lost, forcing colonial support efforts to relocate to Mechinar Centre during the continuing conflict.

Zelcane Trust Sectors Edit

Baker's Field Edit

Deep in a dusty nebula nearby rests a similarly industrial sector called Baker's Field. Gates to this sector open near a large, ringed gas giant, dubbed Baker's World. More information

Hell's Gate Edit

The third sector of the Triangle, Hell's Gate, is surrounded by reflection nebulae. This makes the sky of Eden, the colony world in the sector, rather appealing. More information

The Mechinar Edit

Solrain Jumpgates reach into the Zelcane Triangle region, where The Mechinar sector provides access to a young dusty and rocky protostar system that was originally rich in valuable metals. More information Bold text

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