Guidelines for editing JGE Wiki

Please take a moment to read these guidelines. Adhering to formatting standards keeps the wiki neat and tidy and easier for visitors to follow. If in doubt, take a look at the edited source of an existing page to get an idea of how to structure an article.

  • Avoid using level 1 headings so as to avoid confusing the first content heading with the page title. Group blocks of meaningful content with headlines using the format:

== Main Heading ==
=== Sub Heading 1 ===
=== Sub Heading 2 ===

  • Please check the main page for an appropriate category or subcategory before creating a new article. Common areas of interest are grouped there by category. For example, the various player and NPC factions are all described on the Factions page and so new faction information should go there.
  • Avoid creating small pages that link through to main pages. Where possible, make use of piped internal links and redirects. You can find out more information here.