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This page is outdated because it has not been updated since the media blackout ended.

Noteworthy Quotes & Comparisons

  • "What you see in [BattleStar Galactica] (Actually its predecessors, like Babylon 5) was an input into our original flight engine design. We're keeping that flavor - ships maneuver within a Newtonian physics model and have lateral and vertical thrusters in addition to the main engine, so the pivoting, momentum-based combat maneuvers we love from those shows are all possible in JGE."[1]
    -- Steven "Istvan" Hartmeyer
  • "Think walmart shopping trolley... with Jets and guns and no(!) wobbly wheels. You just know you cant 90-degree turn round that corner with that half full trolley. You must anticipate the aisle change, turn early and ease it past the tinned fruit in a gentle arc, gracefully avoiding that old lady... Apply thrust and pull straight.. then gogogo straight to the frozen fish. Same with Jumpgate, minus the old lady... or is it?"[2]
    -- vorlon31 (Jumpgate Emissary)
  • "Flying in Jumpgate is like driving on ice. Dampeners are like deployable spikes for your tires."[3]
    -- Vinegar Goose (Jumpgate Wiki Editor)
  • A 2D version of semi-Newtonian flight was first successfully used in the 1979 Atari arcade game Asteroids. Jumpgate's DANCER engine follows the same principle but expands it into three-dimensional flight.

Motion Sickness

  •'s Carolyn Koh reports that JGE is the first flight sim she has ever been able to watch without feeling off balance, let alone play.[4]
  • Grace, NetDevil's business developer, is also sensitive to motion sickness and does a lot of testing on the engine. [4]


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