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Ship Type Level 1 Solrain Trainer
Manufacturer test
Maneuverability test
Max Velocity test ms-1
Max Boost Velocity test ms-1
Armor Type test
Hull test
Shields Capacity test
Physical Size test m
Required License none


Game Description


Name Origin / Definition

Wiktionary Definition: halcyon



Slot Sizes
Equipment Slot Max. Size Standard Loadout
Shields -- --
Radar -- --
Power -- --
Engine -- --
Mining -- --
Compatible Equipment
  • Size -- Shields
  • Size -- Radar
  • Size -- Power
  • Size -- Engine
  • Size -- Mining

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Mod Slot Max. Size Standard Loadout
1 -- --
Compatible Mods
  • Size -- Mods
  • Size -- Mods

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Gun Mounts
Gun Slot Max. Size Standard Loadout
1 -- --
2 -- --
Compatible Guns
  • Size -- Guns
  • Size -- Guns

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Missile Banks
Bank Slot Max. Size Standard Loadout
1 -- --
Compatible Missiles
  • Size -- Missiles
  • Size -- Missiles

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