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Debris floats about the Hell's Gate sector

The third sector of the Triangle, Hell's Gate, is surrounded by reflection nebulae. This makes the sky of Eden, the colony world in the sector, rather appealing. Eden itself is a ruddy, carbonaceous body, with a large companion moon. The binary system at Baker's Field sector is visible from Hell's Gate as a bright yellow-white "star" surrounded by a dusty nebula, the second-brightest object in the sky after Eden's own yellowish sun.[1]

  • Hell's Gate was formerly known as Eden[2]

Sector Data

Sector Designation: Hell’s Gate

National Authority: Solrain

Gatenet Region: Zelcane Triangle

Gatenet Referent: 2 jumps from Solrain Core sector, 1 jump from The Mechinar

Formerly known as Eden sector, Hell’s Gate is the recent site of a major battle with marauders from The Inferno. Solrain military and local defense forces have been able to protect the colony world of Eden, but at a high cost, including the loss of the former major station and its orbital complex. The sector contains gates to the neighboring Triangle sectors of The Mechinar and Baker’s Field, as well as an extensive debris field as the result of the continued fighting. Military and paramilitary sources making after-action reports agree that a third gate now exists in the sector, most likely the avenue of attack used by the Infernal force. A substantial Infernal presence remains in the sector despite combined Zelcane and Combine efforts to dislodge them, and the sector has been declared an amber travel zone until skirmishes cease.


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