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Iudeccan Reaches

Ravager Vessel causing trouble in 'Iudeccan Reaches'

General Description

The 'Iudeccan Reaches" is a sector found within the Octavian empire, little information is known about this area of space quite yet, though it does appear that the hostile 'Ravager' group will be a threat to vessels passing through.

Sector Information

Sector Designation: Iudeccan Reaches

National Authority: None (claimed by Octavius, under Octavian military jurisdiction)

Gatenet Region: Trans-Bastion

Gatenet Referent: 2 jumps from Octavius Core

A gate from Tolomea Fields sector links to the icy Iudeccan Reaches, located in the outer system of a white main sequence star. While theoretically under Imperial jurisdiction, Octavian authority is only now being extended into this sector via military operations. The local planet, Thule, promises to hold a bounty in water ice and other volatiles that Octavius has historically needed, making this sector a plum target for expansion.

Long a backwater on the fringe of the Octavian territories, the Iudeccan Reaches sector rests in the cold outer system of an unremarkable dwarf star. The Jumpgate into the sector from Octavian space opens near the ice planet, Thule. If exploited, the plentiful ice and volatiles deposits on nearby asteroids and on Thule itself, would render the water resources available from Cainan Point sector entirely irrelevant to the Nation. At present, however, these vast resources are not being exploited due to the extensive presence in the sector of Ravagers, who have long lived off the oxygen and water readily available here in solid form. A significant Ravager community and base has been built up over the decades of Imperial inattention, and the present owners of the sector do not take kindly to uninvited guests. Iudeccan Reaches is thus considered a red travel zone. With Imperial attention now turning to nearby sectors such as this, the area will doubtless soon become a battleground on or beyond the scale of that in the neighboring Tolomea Fields.

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