What are Emissaries?

Emissaries are community volunteers who act as a voice for the community to make sure the development team are fully aware of all community issues. Alongside Codemasters' Online and NetDevil's community team they will consolidate feedback on top community issues and queries.

What do Emissaries do?

There are various tasks assigned to being an Emissary, all of which are aimed at promoting a healthy and active community. These tasks include:

  • Mentoring new pilots - making them feel like they are a part of our community and our team. Answer their questions with patience and help to guide them through the intricate social structure of our community.
  • Promoting a healthy community atmosphere by diffusing flame wars, welcoming new players, and encouraging a solid knowledge base within our community.
  • Evangelical compatriots - spreading the word of Jumpgate Evolution to the masses.

Are Emissaries official representatives?

Emissaries are 100% community volunteers who have agreed to taking part in this program. They are in no way employees of NetDevil or Codemasters Online and therefore should not be considered a point of contact for any issues in relation to either of these companies.

Taken from Jumpgate Emissaries - A Guide