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System Overview

While little in the way of details has been released regarding loot, as of December 8th, we have an accurate basic outline of the system:

  • Unlike other MMOs, Jumpgate Evolution does not spawn a need/greed roll for loot.
  • When an NPC (or a player in PvP combat) is defeated, zero or more loot crates are spawned.[1]
    • Each crate will be "owned" by an individual player who contributed to combat in a meaningful way.
    • Each player who is counted as a contributor can only own a single crate.
    • Each crate will contain random components.
    • If the crate is not claimed, it will eventually become available for anyone to pick up.
  • Defeated enemies will have appropriate loot. In other words, a Quantar light fighter may have a very different loot table from a Capital ship or an Inferno pirate.
  • Looting a crate is an active task, it will require targeting the crate and choosing to loot it (via a button or key-press).[1]
  • Each crate will contain a random component.[1]
  • Loot can be equipped, used in crafting, or sold on the Auction House.

Hermann "Draker" Peterscheck, Jumpgate's Producer at NetDevil, does not feel point-and-click interfaces are appropriate to twitch combat. Anything that draws a player's attention away from a dogfight and into an interface will often have catastrophic results. The loot system in JGE seems to reflect this philosophy.

"The only roll in JGE is ship rolling (think barrel roll) through space."
-- Striker (NetDevil Developer)[1]


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