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Planetary Data

Diameter: ~12900 km

Gravimetry: 1.03

Rotation: 24.1 h

Government: Solrain

Colony: Homeworld

Location:Solrain Core

New Soria is considered the homeworld of the Solrain, despite the nation’s true origin somewhere in distant First Space. The majority of Solrain survivors of the Shift found themselves scattered in what is now called Soria system, fortunate home to a pleasantly habitable world with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. During the post-Shift sublight era, the surviving Solrain corporations quickly settled the planet and began taming its mature biosphere. New Soria has only harbored human settlers for the last century, and civilization has remained concentrated in one region of the largest continent, centered on the capital city, Haven. The planet has been thoroughly mapped from orbit and atmosphere, but physical exploration is constantly ongoing beyond the exploited and settled colonial perimeters.

Besides a friendly atmosphere and comfortable mass, the planet possesses nearly ideal qualities for human habitation, including local life based on levo-amino acids. Agriculture was the colony’s primary concern, resulting in Haven’s settlement site being placed in well-watered plains rather than a more picturesque location. The rush to move population to Haven in the early years resulted in spaceborne assets being concentrated in the hands of a relatively few caretakers. The Zelcane Trust was born of this era; eventually becoming massively invested in deep-space mining, ship construction, and related industries. Zelcane’s success was also a boon to New Soria’s environment, keeping substantial industry and resource exploitation off-world. At Haven, one of the largest early agribusinesses became the seed of the monopolistic AgCore, which now manages all agriculture throughout the Commonwealth.

The impressive Solrain Core Space Complex orbits New Soria at a position that keeps it synchronously above Haven. In addition to their offices in Haven, all Six Syndicates and many other corporations maintain business centers within Solrain Core, and the port station is the major transit hub for all shipping between the rest of Solrain and the surface of New Soria.

Source: Commonwealth Public Data Archive, entry updated 98.12.10

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