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Secured Jumpgate in Octavius Core

A heavily secured Jumpgate in Octavian Core sector

General Description

The Octavian Core Sector is where the Octavian core station can be found at the heart of the Octavian empire, the gates leading in and out are heavily defended to keep out unwanted visitors such as the Ravagers

Sector Information

Sector Designation: Octavius Core

National Authority: Octavius

Gatenet Region: Octavius Bastion area

Gatenet Referent: Octavius Core sector

The hub sector for the portion of the Skein controlled by Octavius, Octavius Core includes the ancient throne world of the Empire, Ares Prime, which is the only inhabited planet known to have survived the Shift. The Nation’s administration and governing bodies are housed within the city of Trivera on Ares Prime’s long-inhabited surface.

Considerable industrial and mining facilities are present both in orbital space and on the nearby barren world of Nova Martius (a companion world acquired during the Shift), which houses domed surface installations after being heavily mined in the early post-Shift decades due to its miraculously easy access from the Imperial homeworld. The heavily fortified Octavius Core Station serves as both an industrial and commercial center for the Nation and a massive naval shipyard lies a convenient distance away.

Gates connecting Octavius Core to sectors beyond Imperial control are surrounded with defensive shells, testament to both Octavius’ martial ethic and perhaps its paranoia. Visitors to the sector should expect customs inspections and security challenges as a matter of course.