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This page is outdated because it has not been updated since the media blackout ended.

Quotes That Make You Say: "Beta?"

  • "I didn’t think I liked space-based MMOs, until I played Jumpgate Evolution at GC08"[1]
    -- Siam Choudhury, Editor in Chief, MMOGamer
  • "Jumpgate was one of the first games I walked past this year at PAX. The clear and amazing graphics stopped me in my tracks as I stared at the monitor before me."[2]
    -- Anna "Spellbound" Steffer, IGN
  • "It has amazing graphics, low system requirements, a player based quest system, supports team play, and it has a great PvP system. Jumpgate has taken the previous flying games to a new level, and I highly encourage anyone who misses the old space flying games to give this game a try."[2]
    -- Anna "Spellbound" Steffer, IGN
  • “The atmosphere and immersion the game provided was refreshing and I can say that I haven’t had either feeling recently when playing an MMOG.”[1]
    -- Siam Choudhury, Editor in Chief, MMOGamer

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