This page is outdated because it has not been updated since the media blackout ended.

"In general I think the idea of designers allowing, or especially encouraging, behavior that they then punish players for seems a bit silly to me."
--Hermann Peterscheck

Punishing Bad Behavior

  • NetDevil does not believe in allowing or encouraging types of behavior that are then punished.
  • Encouraging antisocial behavior then creating steep penalties makes the game less fun to play.

"If the game is broken or not fun or if the rules don’t make any sense and players are required to step in to solve those problems, that seems like a suboptimal situation. Players should be having fun, so if there are policing activities that improve game quality and provide entertainment and value for the community, that’s one thing… if developers are relying upon players to make their game work, that’s quite another."
-- Hermann Peterscheck


Developer Interview - Ten Ton Hammer

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