This page is outdated because it has not been updated since the media blackout ended.


On PvP servers (hypothetical, not yet announced), all space is unregulated, meaning PvP combat is enabled globally.

On PvE servers, there are still PvP zones. These zones are known as "unregulated space" and are generally located well away from the faction core.

  • The shortest path between two points will often cross through a PvP zone, even on PvE servers. “These zones are littered throughout the galaxy, such that players will either risk going through them or plot a longer course round them.”
    -- Edge Online
  • "We could put rare minerals out in more dangerous areas to see how players compete for those resources, bearing in mind that people who don’t want to go into those areas still need fun and interesting things to do.”
    -- Hermann Peterscheck
  • The refineries and minerals, the items gained in PvP space will be specific to PvP play use.
  • "While things like blockades are really cool for those taking part, if it prevents the rest of people from making progress on their own, that is not particularly fun for those people. This is one of the things that lead us to the idea of having regulated and unregulated areas of space. If you are in an unregulated area, then you have elected to take part in a much more player run world. If you don't want to deal with the consequences of that, then it's probably a good idea to stay out of here."
    -- Hermann Peterscheck