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Controlling Sectors through Player Run Stations

  • Each sector will be controllable by a faction.
    • In Jumpgate Classic, there was a flag of sorts, called a beacon, that could be captured by a single ship. This granted control of the sector by that pilot's faction.
    • In Jumpgate Evolution, the process of controlling a sector will be much more complex than switching a beacon.[1]
      • JGE will replace the beacons system with a king-of-the-hill approach where factions control a station, supply it with cargo ships, and build it to their specifications while defending it from enemy factions.
      • Once a sector is controlled there will be benefits available to players of the controlling faction. [2]
      • This dynamic will exist from a lower-middle point in the game onwards.
      • These stations will exist in all but the starting sectors.
      • There is no word on how sector ownership and contest of regulated (vs unregulated) space might be applied.
      • Station construction involves multiple modules being transported to the construction site, meaning it is very much a large team effort.
        • "..It takes more than 1 unit to build, so lets just say it takes 100 units brought to the sector, 3 squads bring 30,30 and 40..." [3] -- Scorch
      • Initially plans are for sectors to be claimed only in the name of a faction rather then a player created squad or group. Open to change.
        • "..we just need you guys in and playing and we'll make adjustments from there.. we could just try it, one weekend its based on faction, another its based on squads and see what people like" [3] -- Scorch
      • Only one station per sector can be built at any one time, meaning that players will have to destroy or capture any current work being done by opposing factions before they can start toward their own claim
        • "only one faction can be "building" at a time, its a multi-phase kind of thing" [3] -- Scorch


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