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"Solrain Core station cast against New Soria"

The lightly developed world of New Soria in Solrain Core sector is the capital and main population center of the Solrain Commonwealth. Lit by a warm yellow sun, the planet is nearly perfect for human habitation. The massive commercial complex of Solrain Core Station orbits New Soria, and is the dominant visible feature of the sector besides the planet itself. The view from Solrain Core sector is enhanced by several striking reflection nebulae, which glow yellow from the local sun, and also blue, due to light reflected from a nearby blue giant.[1]

Sector Information

Sector Designation: Solrain Core

National Authority: Solrain

Gatenet Region: Solrain Core area

Gatenet Referent: Solrain Core sector

Solrain Core is the central hub for the portion of the the Skein controlled by Solrain. The sector includes New Soria, the chief Solrain planet and easily the most hospitable of all worlds discovered by humanity since the Shift. After just one century of human settlement, the planet can only be considered regionally and lightly developed, even though the majority of the Solrain population resides on its surface. The administrative capital of Solrain is located within the metropolis of Haven, on the planetary surface.

Orbiting synchronously above Haven is the extensive commercial complex associated with Solrain Core Space Complex. The station complex serves as spaceport, trading capital, and regional industrial center, supporting some fifteen percent of the Solrain population within its habitats. Most interstellar corporations have regional offices or production facilities at Solrain Core, and the commercial and industrial activity housed at the complex is considered to be responsible for at least thirty percent of Solrain’s gross national product.


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