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  • Jumpgate is a skill based game, there is no auto-targeting. Guns must be properly aimed.
  • The GC08 build reportedly included targeting filters for things like friendlies, hostiles, stations, and salvageable containers.

Targeting Computers

JGE targeting lead

JGE's Targeting Computer

  • A targeting computer will be available to assist with aiming in JGE.
    • A green square leads the target and approximates where you should aim based on the speed of the target and your weapon.
      • The targeting computer is enabled at the very end of this video (you'll see it on the last kill before the battle station).
    • The targeting computer uses the same AI to predict movement that NPC bots use for fire control.[1]
    • If a pilot is not flying in a predictable manner (advanced combat skill) the targeting computer will be much less effective.[1]
    • Likewise, you will be easier to hit if you are flying slowly because the targeting AI is based on prediction[1]
    • Including things like vectored thrust into JGE required a total rework of the targeting AI[1]
    • Targeting computers existed in JGC as a modx component called “duelist” but could be easily confused by a good pilot. Aiming is a skill, the targeting computer is just an estimate.


  • Some missiles have locking capability but even they require a certain amount of skill, such as keeping a visual on the target or acquiring a lock in the first place.


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