This page is outdated because it has not been updated since the media blackout ended.

The Experiment

During an interview with Massively, Hermann Peterscheck revealed that NetDevil is experimenting with terrain in space. The best example of this was the "Infernal" homeworld. The conversation is quoted below:

Massively: Now this is very cool.
Hermann: So here's more of a themed, kind of end level. It looks, kind of like hell a little bit. This is the Infernal homeworld.
Massively: If hell were a planet.
Hermann: Their planet has kind of broken off and there are bits and pieces floating here. We're experimenting with terrain in space. We have these broken rocks and there's a city on them. The advantage of terrain is that it gives you a sort of tactical element. You can fly around it as need be and use it as cover. I could do this encounter on my own if I wanted to, but it's more fun with people. You want it to be soloable, but you want it to be fun in a group too. [1]


  1. Massively Interview at PAX08

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