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What is this topic all about?

The first question that may come to mind here is: What is a "dungeon" doing in space?

In gaming terms, a dungeon is a labyrinthine environment where players do battle with enemies and loot any treasure they may find. Generally speaking, it is a place to be explored where a high level of danger is ever-present. As described by NetDevil's producer, the dungeon experience in Space comes down to things like terrain in space or the interior of a massive asteroid. The dungeon experience, in the words of Hermann Peterscheck, evokes a "Luke in the Deathstar" feel.[1]

The Asteroid Scenario

The "dungeon experience" that has received the most air time is the asteroid. This scenario is a "giant asteroid with caves in it" and represents an interactive instance.[1] We've chosen a few select quotes to help readers better understand what the developers are after in this instance:

  • It's pretty sweet to fly through caves in asteroids. There was one in classic but this is much more, shall we say, substantial. I'm telling you it takes lots of skill to fight in those and as we make them tougher and collision penalties there more aggressive it should satisfy this urge. We've discussed the potential of things like mine fields as well - AI with proximity that doesn't move... and there's actually a mine to be worked on this sprint though it won't actually explode at this point.[1]
    -- Hermann Peterscheck
  • “With tunnels and pits, enemies behind corners, and with the ability to move in all three axes, it totally felt like a 3-D dungeon. Throughout the flight through the meteor, there were enough visual cues for me to figure out what was considered “Up” and what was considered “Down” in the game – and this was mainly conveyed by the direction other ships and objects were situated in free space of the meteor.”[2]
    -- Carolyn Koh (

Urban/City Combat

The section on terrain in space covers the Infernal homeworld. In this sector, the planet has been shattered and cities have been built on massive hunks of rock in Space. Buildings and other structures can be used strategically for ambush or cover.


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