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Jumpgate Evolution was going to feature Auction Houses at major stations, a practice similar to that found in most MMOs. These locations were going to be the primary sources of trade between players.

  • In many cases, a player would've required components he/she couldn't craft due to corporate affiliations. This would've required them to purchase items on the AH.[1]
  • It is expected that players will specialize in a narrow range of items, which they will manufacture and sell. This is different from the majority of MMO type games where a "Weaponsmith" can produce nearly the entire line of available gear for the craft. See the Production section of the Wiki for more detail.


One of the areas that was going to separate Jumpgate Evolution from its rivals was the system of goods delivery. There were going to be no "magic banks" to make equipment available anywhere. The movement of products, components, and raw resources was an integral part of the player economy.

  • Once purchased, goods were often in the wrong part of space. A purchaser had three options:[2]
    • Go and retrieve the goods from the correct station.
    • Pay an NPC to haul the goods to them. The cargo will leave on the next scheduled shuttle. A destroyed shuttle wouldn't (at that time in development) have caused the loss of goods, but rather a further delay in their receipt.
    • Pay a player to haul the goods from a particular station to them. It is unclear whether this (likely faster) option could result in item loss or not.


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