This page is outdated because it has not been updated since the media blackout ended.
  • Note: This game mechanic is not finalised and is subject to change.

Commodities and equipment in Jumpgate Evolution are planned to be location-specific. This means that when a player requires an item stocked at a different station it must be transported to whichever station the player requires.

The player will therefore have the option to:

  • Fly to the station and pick up the item,
  • Wait for the item to become available at the station, or;
  • Pay a fee to have it sent over by another player or an NPC ship.

Currently a 'no loss' system is planned when using AI transportation to bring the goods to the pilot, where if the hauler ship is destroyed mid-journey, the the server will simply spawn a duplicate item back at the station of origin and will spawn another NPC hauler ship to attempt the trip again later on.