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"Capital ship docked in the Mechinar system"

Solrain Jumpgates reach into the Zelcane Triangle region, where The Mechinar sector provides access to a young dusty and rocky protostar system that was originally rich in valuable metals. No planets have formed in this system, but at the gate nexus was established a mining and industrial base that continues to be a very important foundation for the Solrain economy.[1]

Sector data

Sector Designation: The Mechinar

National Authority: Solrain

Gatenet Region: Zelcane Triangle

Gatenet Referent: 1 jump from Solrain Core sector

Once a major source of resources for Solrain, The Mechinar sector was one of the earliest links created outward from Solrain Core. The Zelcane Trust obtained a near-monopoly on the sector, and moved many of its industrial and mining operations there, conveniently adjacent to Solrain’s central hub. After decades of mining, the once-rich fields are nearly played out, but the sector is still home to a large number of factory complexes and a major station, Mechinar Centre. Gates link to the other Triangle sectors of Baker’s Field and Hell’s Gate, making The Mechinar a busy travel corridor between Solrain Core and the rest of the Triangle. Large asteroids, heavily worked and tunneled, can be seen by travelers within 20km of the station. In addition to the extensive Zelcane presence in the sector, Combine and Solrain military forces have made the sector a major base, due to the continuing conflict in Hell’s Gate. To bolster local defenses, the Solrain cruiser Dauntless has been assigned to the sector “for the duration of the emergency”. Mechinar Centre has also become the focus of relief efforts attempting to keep the nearby Eden colony supplied.


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