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Solo Play

In Jumpgate Classic, solo play was neither catered to nor encouraged. The player interaction was what made the title work. It is generally conceded that ignoring the solo play was a contributing factor to JGC becoming a niche title. Several steps have been taken to support solo players in Jumpgate Evolution.

  • The AI has been fully overhauled and is now capable of far more complex actions.
  • The mission system has been extended in order to make it more "deep and interesting."
    • There are both fixed and dynamic missions (like Freelancer had).
  • Many of the missions can be done solo but are considered to be more fun with a group.[1]

“Player interaction is what made JGC really sweet, but you still need stuff for people to do who either don't want to interact or haven't found anyone to interact with.[2]
-- Hermann Peterscheck


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