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Ravager in Tolomea Field

Ravager prowling Tolomea Field looking for trouble

General Description

Tolomea Field is a sector that is located with in Octavian empire, travelers are warned to be on the look out for hostile ships belonging to the Ravagers.

Sector Information

Sector Designation: Tolomea Fields

National Authority: Octavius

Gatenet Region: Octavius Bastion area

Gatenet Referent: 1 jump from Octavius Core, 1 jump from Antenor Bastion

Beyond the Bastion, the Tolomea Fields sector is home to an extensive asteroid field and remarkable reflection nebulae. Infinite Heavy Industries (IHI) has expressed interest in mining rights in this sector, due to the apparent possibility of gravitically active ores in many of the asteroid shards. For the time being, security concerns in the area have prevented Octavius from allowing any extensive exploitation.

The Tolomea Fields sector is considered by many to be part of the central territories of Octavius, and during the present Imperial resurgence this claim is being enforced vigorously. For decades, the Ravagers and Nova Wolves have built up a presence in the sector, exploiting resources in the extensive asteroidal shard fields. Now that presence is being expunged. As a result, the asteroid fields are frequently the scene of both skirmishes and larger battles, including capital ship engagements. The reclamation has not gone smoothly for Octavius and space near the gates is now littered with debris and destroyed ship hulks. Some of the debris, predating the current battles for control of the sector and ignored during Octavius’ long quiescence, is now believed to be of Amananth origin. However, proper study of these artifacts has been rendered impossible by the military situation.

A defensive structure surrounds the gate connecting Tolomea Fields to Octavius Core as part of Imperial efforts to prevent any strikes penetrating into Octavius’ innermost territories. Due to the ongoing conflict, Tolomea Fields has been designated an amber travel zone.